The Hippy Guru and One Sentence that Changed Me

A life coach shifted my perspective, opening me up to the law of attraction. However, I won’t recommend her to you — she’s since become a born again Christian and given the behaviour of many Christians, it’s not something I’d ever want to promote. Mahatma Gandhi said: “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” Continue reading “The Hippy Guru and One Sentence that Changed Me”


Cows and Clusters

I was 32 years old and had given up on love. As for the dating site, I was really only window-shopping. At the end of an evening, I’d spend the last five minutes before bed scrolling through online profile pictures, bemused by the plethora of completely unsuitable bachelors: men wearing dog collars; men with no shirts; men with their tongues hanging out. Probably the most disturbing were the men who did not correct their dozens of spelling errors and used acronyms only my thirteen-year-old son would have been able to decipher. Continue reading “Cows and Clusters”


Hourglass: Time, Memory… Marriage?

I’ve just finished Dani Shapiro’s book Hourglass: Time, Memory, Marriage, and I’m a little frustrated. Not because the book is bad and I’ve wasted my time – no, it’s quite charming. I’m frustrated that it has been undersold by being labelled a book predominately about Dani’s marriage, when in my view the book is far bigger than one relationship.  Continue reading “Hourglass: Time, Memory… Marriage?”