LIVE Central West

LIVE Central West is a fully online project fostering connection, expression and expansion in the Central West.

We explore the stories of people who have found themselves living within the vibrant region of the Central West – perhaps born and bred, perhaps a newbie, perhaps just temporarily stopping through.

We want to know: what makes you you?

Listen to the podcast on iTunes, or check it out here: LIVE Central West.


Letters Anthology

Letters Anthology is an online project I started to connect women worldwide through the (almost) long lost art of letter writing, for the purpose of expression and expansion. It began mid 2017 with an online callout for contributions, and went live 1st January 2018.

Initially the theme of the letters were ‘A Letter to My Ex’, but to allow more creativity and self-expression I ended up relaxing the whole theme idea, which is why you’ll notice a few of the more recent letters aren’t to exes (people have written letters to their younger selves, their body, their daughter…)

It was wonderful to read the letters and experience the personality, soul and creativity of these remarkably different women all from different parts of the world.

I love all of the pieces which ended up on the site (otherwise they wouldn’t be there!) but if you only have time for a couple, here are some suggestions:

Check out:

A Letter to Peter: A loving piece by Viktoria Rendes on the last part of her husband’s journey before his passing, and life without him.

Bongs in the Shower: An incredible piece on a woman who shifted her life around from shooting up drugs with her controlling boyfriend, to eventually lead a life she’s quite proud of. The author chose to be anonymous for this one.

November 29: I love the simplicity of this story. I also found the analogy of the breakup compared with the car crash quite powerful. I thought that Louise (who chose not to include her last name) really shared a lot of herself in this piece.

You can have a look at the project here.

TEDx Orange

I was 1/5th of the organising team for TEDx Orange 2015. TED is a nonprofit organisation devoted to ideas worth spreading. TEDx is TED’s little brother (Little Ted?) which is an independently run, localised version of TED.

We live streamed the event and ended up with an incredible lineup of speakers .

Check out more here.