Denise Mills grew up in Wongarbon, a small village home to a few hundred people. She has tried bigger towns and glanced at cities, but it’s village life for her, currently Millthorpe, Australia. A 20 minute drive with cow and sheep scattered views takes her to the city of Orange, known for its wine, food, and live music. ‘Home’ is a partially owned, semi-detached, void of television, but fully equipped with books, music and teenage son.

Her previous life saw her perform a 10 year role as a Tax Accountant, and despite making good progress in her career, it wasn’t quite the right world for her. She went on to work as a Freelance Writer and has featured in many print and online and print publications. She also had a lucrative position at Clint’s Crazy Bargains in her teens, where she priced $2 undies and was allowed to smoke in store.

In her spare time, Denise enjoys writing about herself in third person. Other interests: she is a UFC fanatic; does a breathtaking rendition of Old McDonald in Japanese; and can sing the alphabet backwards, really fast.


Feel free to contact me at hello[at]denisemills[dot]biz.

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