Hi, my name is Denise Mills.

I am a writer, book-lover and reformed accountant living on the outskirts of Orange NSW. My writing has featured in many print and online and print publications including Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, Feminartsy and many more.

I’m co-founder of the LIVE Central West podcast, which is dedicated to getting to know the people of the Central West on a deeper level, to foster authentic connection. If you live in the Central West region (or even if you don’t) I highly recommend having a listen! I am not the host, so that’s a bonus (I really don’t have the right voice).

I’m also creator and curator of Letters Anthology, an online space dedicated to women’s expression and expansion through letter writing. I love all the letters submitted, but if you only have time for a couple check out A Letter to Peter and Bongs in the Shower, just two of my twenty-seven favs written by some remarkable women. These letters are addictive!

What else? Well, I do a breathtaking rendition of Old McDonald in Japanese and can sing the alphabet backwards, really fast.

Feel free to get in touch: hello[at]denisemills[dot]biz